The Coffee Can Baking Book: 50 Cakes and Breads Baked in Coffee Cans

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Baking in coffee cans goes back to the early 1900’s, when people didn’t necessarily have all the fancy pots and pans that we have today. They used whatever they had and since coffee came in cans that held a pound of coffee, it was handy to use them for baking and for cooking. Today, there are still some recipes that are traditionally baked in cans. This book was written to help people explore the fun of baking things the old fashioned way – in coffee cans. To help get you started, the book contains 50 recipes for cakes, quick breads and yeast breads that you can bake in the cans. The recipes combine both traditional coffee can recipes and modern recipes that have been re-imagined for this exciting and fun baking style.


About Allen Bornstein

Allen Bornstein is a retired pharmacist, raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He spent many years in Florida, and has lived the last few decades in Boulder, Colorado. His mother — a self-taught, talented cook and baker — passed on her love for cooking and baking to her son.



It is very difficult to find the old style coffee cans that are safe for making baked goods. Today, coffee rarely comes in cans. Cans used for baking should not be rusted, should not be soldered with lead or lined or contain any other harmful metals or chemical agents that can leach into the baked goods when repeatedly used. Since cans that are safe for baking are almost impossible to find, I have been able to work with a major manufacturer to make safe pans that can be substituted for the old coffee cans and used with the recipes in this book. These pans are not exactly the same size as the old coffee cans, but hold almost the exact same volume as the old cans. They are slightly shorter and a little wider than the original cans. They are also not ribbed like the old coffee cans and that makes it easier to slide baked products out of the pans when they are done. These are high quality anodized aluminum pans made by well-known bakeware company Fat Daddio’s. Details on how you can purchase these pans with the book, or separately, are listed at the back of this book.


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